Away to Udinese

Thursday night European football see’s LFC travel to Italy to play the much maligned Udinese in what will be a pivotal game. A win will ensure we progress to the knockout stages, where as a loss could potentially end out cup run.

I have mixed feelings towards the Europa League, as most fans do. On one hand we have a chance for Brendan to win his first piece of silverware, as well as showcase our ever growing talent against some of the best in Europe. On the other hand, it’s an added distraction taking away time and energy from our main goal; getting that allusive top 4 position.

We should be able to field a strong XI for the game, as our Sunday game is against West Ham. With no disrespect to West Ham, but they’re no title contenders (neither are we though, it seems). From the players available  it looks like we’ll get a 4-3-3 playing style, which is favoured by Rodgers in the Europe games, mainly because the younger players being used aren’t ready to a quick change up in style.

I would like to see an XI like this:


Wisdom – Coates – Carra – Flanno

Lucas –       Sahin       – Hendo

Sterling   – Suarez    – Assaidi


This formation will allow for Lucas to provide defensive cover and distribution. Henderson will be the powerhouse of the midfield, someone to track back and chase after possession, and Sahin should be able to pull the offensive strings from his preferred deeper role. Sahin is somebody who’s best position is in the “quarterback” role, someone who can create the pass-to-assists chances, much like the way Modric played for Hotspur.

Up front will be as lethal as ever, with so much attacking penetration from both wings. We will have both sides running rings around an ageing Udinese defence. Suarez will occupy the false 9 position that Rodgers loves, and he plays it so well. Hopefully he will get the full 90 minutes as he will be sitting out the West Ham game due to suspension.


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